BTS – I Need U

It’s been almost seven months since their last single War of Hormone (and its magical sexy gloriousness) but finally the Boys of Bangtan are back!! Still in the middle of touring the world with The Red Bullet Episode 2 (coming to America in July!!!!), the boys are looking hotter and more set than ever to rake the charts. Will this single be the #1 A.R.M.Ys have been waiting for??

Released on 29 April 2015, BTS‘s new song I Need U hit 1 million views in just 16 hours.

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Lesson 1b: Hangul (part 2)

First things first— Let’s review what we learned!



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 Aren’t these charts from Joop.In adorable? Don’t they remind you of multiplication tables from elementary school? Characters in grey are provided for sound purposes but aren’t actually used in Korean. You won’t find any words formed with them and don’t need to remember them.

Putting it together

So we’ve learned the characters and we’ve practiced saying them. Now it’s time to take those individual sounds and form them together into words (called blocks in Korean).

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Lesson 1a: Hangul!

I know I promised a Word A Day, but before you can start learning The Most Important Thing you need to know is how to read The Korean Alphabet (called Hangul).


1:  I don’t like Romanization (when you write Korean sounds with English letters for easy reading), I think it makes for clumsy learning because you’re not really learning the characters–and the characters are what MAKE the language. So I won’t be using them, which means you’ll have to know Hangul if you want to learn anything here.

2:  Nothing you see written out in Korea or even KoreaTown is gonna have Romanization. Knowing how to read and write will really make your whole Korean experience easier (even if it’s just watching dramas or listening to K-Pop).

To really know Korean, you need to see those characters as sounds (just like how you see letters). It needs to be instinctual, so ingrained in your mind that you don’t have to think about it. That’s why before we get to Lesson 1 on Monday, we’re gonna buckle down and master us some Hangul.

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Learning Korean seems to be the goal of every K-Pop fan these days, and there are so many different programs and books to buy and study it can make you kind of insane (and poor ^.^). I’m by no means a master of Korean–I’m not fluent, I’m not native, I’m a student just like most of you guys. Learning languages is my passion, I literally freak out when I hear or see a word in another language that I understand.

So I thought, if I’m studying, and you’re studying, why not study together? So I bring you–



My personal goal is to learn SOMETHING in Korean every day, to weave this foreign language into my mind so tight I can’t help but remember it.

Wanna join me?

The biggest part of learning a language is learning how to use that language and how to interact with other people. The Comment Section will be open on every post, so please let me know if you’re studying–how long you’ve been studying–any tips or tricks you have– different ways to use what I’ve taught you–and PLEASE if I do something wrong correct me!