Learning Korean seems to be the goal of every K-Pop fan these days, and there are so many different programs and books to buy and study it can make you kind of insane (and poor ^.^). I’m by no means a master of Korean–I’m not fluent, I’m not native, I’m a student just like most of you guys. Learning languages is my passion, I literally freak out when I hear or see a word in another language that I understand.

So I thought, if I’m studying, and you’re studying, why not study together? So I bring you–



My personal goal is to learn SOMETHING in Korean every day, to weave this foreign language into my mind so tight I can’t help but remember it.

Wanna join me?

The biggest part of learning a language is learning how to use that language and how to interact with other people. The Comment Section will be open on every post, so please let me know if you’re studying–how long you’ve been studying–any tips or tricks you have– different ways to use what I’ve taught you–and PLEASE if I do something wrong correct me!


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