Lesson 1b: Hangul (part 2)

First things first— Let’s review what we learned!



[click to enlarge]

 Aren’t these charts from Joop.In adorable? Don’t they remind you of multiplication tables from elementary school? Characters in grey are provided for sound purposes but aren’t actually used in Korean. You won’t find any words formed with them and don’t need to remember them.

Putting it together

So we’ve learned the characters and we’ve practiced saying them. Now it’s time to take those individual sounds and form them together into words (called blocks in Korean).


Different setups for 1 2 or 3 consonants, and 1 or 2 vowels

Most blocks are in groups of 2 or 3 consonants. Blocks always begin with a consonant (or the filler character ) followed by a vowel. You probably noticed from our lesson yesterday that vowels come in two directions: vertical and horizontal. If the vowel is vertical you add it to the right side of the consonant, and if it’s horizontal you put it underneath.


You can see the difference in the  word Hangul!

 Pronunciation Tips

You may have figured out from practicing the characters (you HAVE been practicing, right??) that some of the sounds are a little harder to pronounce than others. Here are some videos that might help. Don’t get into the mindset of “learn the words first, say them right later”.

The better your pronunciation now, the more natural you’ll sound later and the faster you’ll pick up new words!


We dive right into learning Korean with a trip to Seoul! Everything you need to know to survive your first day in the city that never sleeps. See you then!


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