BTS – I Need U

It’s been almost seven months since their last single War of Hormone (and its magical sexy gloriousness) but finally the Boys of Bangtan are back!! Still in the middle of touring the world with The Red Bullet Episode 2 (coming to America in July!!!!), the boys are looking hotter and more set than ever to rake the charts. Will this single be the #1 A.R.M.Ys have been waiting for??

Released on 29 April 2015, BTS‘s new song I Need U hit 1 million views in just 16 hours.


BTS does such a good job of giving us so much different stuff. I never listen to a new BTS song and think “this sounds familiar” (*cough*SM*cough*). And yet all of BTS‘s music has its own sound. In the same way I can instantly recognize a CNBlue song from the first cord even if I’ve never heard it before.

One amazing thing about the Bangtan Boys is they’re all so ridiculously talented. It’s rare in the K-Pop scene to find actual rappers (versus the typical “well, he doesn’t sing, so he’ll be the rapper”), but to have 3 (technically 4 if you count the Golden Maknae) in one group is like—woah. Add in that the other 4 are seriously amazing singers (have you heard their cover of Taeyang’s “You’re My?) and we’re talking about real music-conquering potential.

Big Hit has been so fantastic for these boys letting them take the reigns on their music, make the music they want to make. Producing, composing, it’s all them and you can feel that in every note. These aren’t just words on a page—they have meaning, a message.


I NEED U has an electronic sound, very different from other BTS songs. The focus is more on vocals than rap this time, a pleasant change since we already know the boys can rap–it’s about time we showed off just how incredibly talented Vocal Line is.


For the title track of an album called “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”, this song is pretty depressing. I NEED U tells the inner-struggle of a guy who can’t accept that his relationship’s not working. He’s torn between wanting to call it quits and move on, and not being able to. Lyric-wise I’m reminded a lot of VIXX’s songs (like Voodoo Doll, On & On) as they tend to have that same feeling of a love so unattainable it literally hurts.

it’s definitely my heart, my feelings, but why don’t they listen to me?




I Love This Lyric:  but the sky is blue — Aren’t those days the absolute worst? When everything inside you is torn up and sad and broken, and it hurts so much it feels like the world should reflect your pain. But you step outside and everything’s happy and bright. If only it were raining at least you’d have a reason to feel so bad.

you’re my everything

i’m sorry (i hate you) i love you (i hate you) forgive me

i need you girl (you’re beautiful) i need you girl (you’re so cold)


Sounds good, makes sense, pronounced well. Bravo BTS! (Maybe RapMon could recruit his skills out to some of the other Entertainment Agencies, since they apparently refuse to hire an actual English-speaking person to check their work.)



So we’ve been teased at a 19+ version of the video involving each member’s death/suicide.


surely we don’t have to wait until The Fetus turns 19 to watch it, right ??

With a lot of the darker content edited out, we’re left with a video focusing mostly on the Brightness of Youth (matching their album title 화양연화, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) with hints of darkness lying under the surface. It’s hard to tell whether the happy times are from before it all went wrong, or if it’s a look at what could have been had love not turned on them.

It’s also possible the video is showing us how you can overcome anything when you’re surrounded by friends and people who care about and support you, but when you find yourself dealing with things alone it gets harder to cope and can lead you to make bad choices.

Either way, there’s something poetic about the last moments of your life also being the most beautiful.

 How do you think the members will die?

J-Hope:  overdoses on pills or jumps/falls off the bridge
Suga:  probably something to do with lighting his bed on fire
Jungkook:  gets hit by car (what is it with Koreans and getting run over?)
Jimin:  drowns in his bathtub?
Rap Monster:  not sure…maybe sets himself on fire? or chokes on his sucker XD
V:  seems like he might not die, but have to live with having killed that dude…
Jin:  sick? lilies are tied to death. possibly Hanahaki Disease ? (weird! fictional illness)

On a positive note—-


Unleash the FanFic Writers!!


Let’s call this the Body Wave dance, because that’s all my eyes can see. That, and Jimin’s thighs (who let the boy wear shorts??).

The dance itself is very robotic, lots of sharp and synced movements. It fits well with the electronic underscore of the music, and looks really sleek put together. Bangtan‘s always had fun and eye-catching choreo, and this one’s just polished up what already made them cool. Seriously, how could they NOT win with this song??? There’s no way.

THOUGHT:  Wouldn’t it be adorable if one of the members fell asleep while they were laying on the floor at the beginning and didn’t get up with the rest? Or started snoring into his mic?


BTS will be going up against BIGBANG for their promotion circuit, which sounds scary, but if ARMY rallies together I think we can pull off a win! Be sure to watch their MV on the official channels and buy the album — if you can’t afford international shipping, you can get it off iTunes as well and that counts.

I NEED U is the title track from their 3rd mini-album In The Mood For Love, Pt 1 which features a setlist of amazing songs. As usual RapMon, Suga and J-Hope’s names are on all the songs for writing or composing, but as a special treat this time Jungkook and V’s names join the list!

Support BTS and help them reach #1!!
화양연화 (In the Mood for Love) pt.1 is available to purchase on iTunesMelon, Mnet, Daum, and Music Naver.


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